The Journey Continues!

2015-10-22 23.21.24 (640x466)ICG Homes continues to follow Jo and Richard Smith’s adventures in home building through a series of Jo’s personal blog posts and photographs titled ‘A Customer’s Home Building Experience’.

Jo recently shared the following with Ryan and the ICG Homes team:

“Richard and I went out to see the house tonight – and absolutely love it! The sheet rock is up and all the rooms are defined. Just want to thank you for being so detail oriented and customer focused. That is a very rare combination. You have made this process enjoyable. I shared an elevator ride with someone in my building today and I said I was happy the weather was so nice, because we were having a house built. She said – “We built a year ago in Wake Forest – how’s it going?” I said – “Great!”  and she looked at me like I had lost my mind! LOL – They used a different builder and apparently didn’t have the same experience we’re having. Ultimately their builder made everything right, but she said if her husband hadn’t been on them everyday it would have been a disaster. Ryan, you also do a great job managing expectations. I’m always delighted with what has been accomplished.”

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