Tap Dancing on the Porch: Early October 2015

front porch progress

It’s the 1st day of October and Ryan sent us a recap of our selections made thus far, including where and how much we’re over or under budget. We have picked nice fixtures for the kitchen and master bath, added under counter lights to the kitchen and wet bar, and added outlets and a water line for a refrigerator in the garage. Our most extravagant items are the appliances, but we were prepared for that. The screened porch continues to dominate our vision for this house and we saw these really cool panels at the Raleigh Home Show. The panels slide up and down and turn the porch into a three season room. Guess what? Yep. We want them. They are called Eze-Breeze.

The Parade of Homes began on October 3rd, and ICG has two homes open on the Parade in Carlton Pointe. Despite the rain, traffic was steady at Carlton Pointe during the first weekend of the Parade. It was fun to walk through these homes and come away with no regrets. We are very happy with our selections and choices. We could see the quality of the finished homes and listening to other people’s comments about the homes and neighborhood was great. We also met more neighbors and can’t wait to be part of this community.

wiringMuch of the work being done on the house now is harder to photograph. Although, I have to say, I have enjoyed seeing holes in the floor where my sink will be and spotting the wires coming through boxes for switches and outlets. One of the details we noticed was the HVAC ducts are covered with pieces of wood to prevent construction debris from falling in them. Loving the attention to detail of what happens behind the walls. Professionals do things right.

On October 6th, I received several phone calls from Kevin to verify cabinet details and choices before the order is finalized. I really appreciate that he didn’t just guess and assume that it was right.

Remember the screened porch that started this whole thing? By the second week of October, they have the deck on it! I was absolutely GIDDY with excitement. Oh, and the best part is that the flooring is angled! It looks fantastic. I had just seen an article on 45° diagonal decking and how it is stronger, but results in more waste. More evidence that Ryan and ICG Homes does not take shortcuts. Impressed again!

On October 7th, I went out to visit the house during lunch and walked on the deck and porch. Tap danced, actually.