Let There Be Color!: Mid to Late November 2015

outdoor front

On November 10th, I went out to check on work at the house and saw the stairs! No more construction stairs, but the real thing. And the next day, cabinets were being installed. When I walked in, I nearly jumped up and down! Do you think we have enough cabinet space? Paint colors are due by the end of the week. Nothing forces a decision like a deadline. Colors are selected. It’s only paint, right?

At this point, I’ve been lying when I tell people I don’t go to the house every day. I really do go every day – or almost. And until today, I never felt like I was a distraction. I went out at lunch and they had the driveway framed for paving. I wasn’t sure I should even walk on the gravel, so I tip-toed around to go into the house. Everything was covered in plastic and a guy was spray painting all the drywall with a primer/base coat. I went right back out! I’ll wait until Saturday to see the progress. I think we are in the finishing phase. If not, we are close.

Let there be color! By mid November, more painting is taking place and the painters are being so careful. Everything is covered with plastic. I didn’t spend much time in the house because I would be “in the way.”

The appliances are scheduled for delivery early Monday morning and there are a couple things we purchased directly that I will be taking to the house, too. A lot is scheduled for this week – plumbing fixtures, stone on front, granite, and recessed lighting. By the end of the week it will be time to finish the floors.

It’s November 16th and it’s appliance delivery day! Appliances are to stay in their boxes for protection, but the wall oven box is too big to go through the garage door and has to be unboxed. I was at the house very early to sign for the dishwasher and wall oven, and then headed to work. I need coffee, bad!

At this point, I literally cannot stay away from the house. My lunch hour is now fast food in the car with a quick trip to Rolesville. Today was fun! Painters, electrician and cabinet guys all at the house. Light fixtures, outlets, switches and ceiling fans are being installed! I only stayed a few minutes and took a couple pics to show the progress. Finishing touches. Very excited.

We will be meeting the landscaper at the end of the week. That will all fall to Richard because he’s the one with the green thumb and strong opinions about what he wants around the house. I’m sure it will look great.

Final details for our stairs are being worked out. There are only five exposed stairs that need a railing. I had my heart set on this really cool contemporary black metal, but that was way too expensive. Ryan’s trim guy Marc has stepped up to create the look I want in wood.

We are seeing details everywhere – outlets with covers, light fixtures, toilets, built-in appliances are BUILT-IN, and the stone work is almost complete on the front. Placement of the TV on the porch required a quick trip to Best Buy for a mounting kit and template. Better to do it right then do it over. When I returned with the mounting kit, they were putting insulation in above the ceiling. Very cool! I never knew how they did that. This has been so educational and exciting.

Tomorrow we expect to get our “clear to close” on our loan and we will be exactly two weeks from closing. With Thanksgiving next week, it will be here before we know it!

Our meeting with the landscaper went really well. We have opted to pay the additional money to have sod all the way around the house. Typically the back of the house is seeded. We want it to look more complete from day one. Richard substituted gardenias for the standard hollies (he hates holly) and made a couple of other changes. They will start on Tuesday.

I sent an email to Marc, our floor/trim guy, about adding some details and hooks that we bought at Home Depot for the “drop zone.” He immediately responded and said he was headed to Rolesville. Of course we dropped everything and met him! He is so accommodating and has great attention to detail. The floor guys were also there sanding the floors and getting ready to stain. I was politely told to stop walking around and stay away. Yes, sir.

We actually stayed away for the next two days. Really.

It’s Tuesday, November 24th and Ryan called this morning and suggested we add a week to our closing date, making it December 11th. This is Thanksgiving week and everything and everyone (except retail) slows down. Inspections are especially hard to schedule this week. Although disappointed, Richard and I decided from day one that we were not going to rush things. We will still be in for Christmas.

We both left work early to see the house before dark and agree that an extra week is a price we are willing to pay. Ryan will put it to good use. We have no doubt.

On the 25th, I left work early to drop off WiFi thermostats that we ordered for the house. The HVAC guy is going to replace the standard ones with these as part of our Smart House plan. I could tell that an extra week really is necessary. Early on, I was hopeful the house would be ready early and we would be in for Thanksgiving. Hear this, Ryan – I’m very glad that didn’t happen!

We enjoyed the ‘last’ Thanksgiving in a home with 27 years of memories. Lovely. After dinner and before desserts, we all went out to Carlton Pointe. No one had been to the house since foundation, so it was a true reveal. Being almost finished, they could really see what Christmas will be like – making new memories.

By Friday, everyone is back to work and for me it it’s not Black Friday, rather it is Box Friday. The serious packing begins right now. The dining room will be converted to stacks of boxes until the movers arrive in two weeks.

We went out on Saturday and were completely surprised to see they were installing the panels on the screened porch! Not only are they early, but it’s Thanksgiving weekend! We went back later in the day and it was finished!! LOVE. IT.

They are working inside, too. We have granite on the island and they are working on the tile backsplash!

What a difference a day makes. We went out again on Sunday and the tile work is done and the island is cleared of all tools! I’m not sure when the garage was painted, but I just noticed it. Surprised!

By Monday, the details were getting done fast! The stone is on the porch fireplace, the patio cement is poured, the stamped concrete is on the driveway, the stair railings are up, faucets are installed, carpet is in, hardware is installed on most of the doors, railings are on the front porch, and the house was full of people working.

All of the conditions have been met for our loan and we should get the final approval tomorrow. The next 10 days better fly by!