It is really real: December 2nd 2015

counter and backsplash

It’s Wednesday, December 2nd and according to Ryan the utilities and HVAC should be “live” today and tomorrow. Orientation is scheduled for Monday. It is really real.

The next day, I made the now expected lunch-trip to 411 Bendemeer. Power is on! The house was lit up like a Christmas tree. Lights make it possible to go out after work again! And, oh what a difference. All I can say is the devil is in the details! Little things do make the difference – towel bars, quarter round, shower stall, garage door openers, driveway stamped concrete, painted stair railings – so many little details.

On December 4th, I make my third visit in 24 hours. Dropping off one more Cree LED can light for the master bath (they have to match!). The front door was painted black, our original request, although just this morning I asked Ryan to have it painted SW 7588 Show Stopper Red. Guessing they will repaint it. The master shower has all three shower heads installed and the toilets now have water in them. I did not try to flush them. Water pressure in the sink is good.

Utility transfers for electric, water, and Time Warner are all set for December 9th. The US Post Office has a formal request to start delivering mail to 411 Bendemeer Lane.

One of the pendant light globes was broken and since I furnished them and had all the paperwork, I spent about 15 minutes on the phone with Home Depot – they expedited shipping of a new one and I’ll get credit for the broken one.

Talked with Jon our audio guy today and decided to go ahead with speakers on the screened porch before closing. The vaulted ceiling is so tall that it didn’t make sense to cap them and have to come back out after closing and do it again. Decision on interior speakers is delayed until 2016.

Our 1980’s house does not have a garage. This will be our first, and although not as sexy as the screened porch, we’re pretty excited about it. We upgraded the openers to be internet/WiFi enabled and I snapped a pic to send to my brother today. He owns Triangle Overhead Door and knows about such things. He said – “top of the line, no maintenance belt drive, quiet” – that works for me. Funny the things that make you smile.

The 10 day weather forecast seems to be favorable. We are packing and packing and packing. Where did all this come from? We went out Saturday afternoon to drop off the mirrors for the powder room and hall bath. One is too big and has to be returned. Measured for the others – guess I’m going shopping again. Other than a deep cleaning of tubs and sinks, it feels pretty finished. Oh, and the fireplace isn’t finished yet.

On Monday, December 7th, I drove out to Lot 171 before work to drop off the mirrors. Appliances are being delivered between 9:00 and 11:00 AM. Both the refrigerator and the range should be on the truck. Our watchful neighbors sent me an email at 10:49 telling me that Sears just left – appliances are now ours. Well, they’re Ryan’s for the next 48 hours.

Our loan package has been sent to the attorney! Woo hoo!

Ryan called to let me know that the inspector found that the crawl space vent through the front porch needed to be corrected, so they were breaking through the concrete floor to fix it. He assured me it would be fixed by our 4:00 walk-through.

Richard left work at 3:30 today and picked up the Craigslist wine cooler and then we headed to Rolesville to meet with Ryan and team. They armed us with blue tape and sent us through the house to identify any blemishes or questionable items. I thought the house looked great when we got there, but by the time we were done it looked like Blue Pox.

They were smoothing concrete on the front porch – so that item can be checked off. Stacey spent time going over the warranty and who to contact when and how. Check. Mirrors are up and look great. Check.

During the drive home, we talked about what a great experience this has been. Under Ryan’s leadership and attitude, everyone exceeded our expectations His tagline should be – Doing things right by doing the right thing. Period.

I have learned that buying, building, and moving are three distinct processes, though we use them rather interchangeably in conversation.

Buying. The buying process is in the final moments – the loan package has been delivered to the attorney and our funds for closing have been wired to the same.

Building. The house is 99.9% complete with about 36 hours to finish a few details. I can watch, but there is nothing I can do to finalize this step. It’s all on ICG. We went out to the house tonight and it was locked up tight with note on the door – wet floor. We turned around and went “home” for almost the last time.

Moving. This one seemed easier in my head than it has proven to be. The sorting, purging, and packing has been bigger and more emotional than I’ve let on to anyone. 27 years in the same house. Our first house in Raleigh. We’ve raised three sons in this house and we’ve been foster parents here. We made lifetime friends in this neighborhood, have seen babies born, graduate from high school, get married and have children and…even die. Those memories are moving with us. Bittersweet is the exact right word. With the emphasis on sweet.

I have not taken many pictures taken in the last couple visits. The changes are so subtle but not quite finished. I’m ready to take the final pictures without any debris or tools. I plan to photograph and video before we move anything in. I’ll put my Realtor hat on to do that! 

It’s December 9th – Closing Day. This is it. 2:30. Stacey called this morning to find out when we plan our final walk-through. Richard is busy with holiday baking at 1705 Catering, so I’ll do this myself. Planning to meet Ryan and Stacey at 12:30.

Interestingly, it is exactly six months since I walked into an ICG home in Carlton Pointe.