Filling Your Custom Home With Unique Details that Make it Your Own

At ICG Homes, in our design phase we help you make your dream a reality. This is where you can customize to make your home your own. We start by finding a plan that fits your lifestyle, then we fill it with the beautiful details that make it unique. We help you pick the cabinets, flooring, lighting, and tile. Your design makes it your own.

ICG client Sarah Wood shares her experience of working through the process:

“My husband and I worked with Emily to design all of our bathrooms, kitchen tile as well as the lighting for the rest of the house. I wanted to take a moment to let you know how amazing she has been to work with.

I will start off by saying that I have probably not been the easiest client to work with. I had some very specific ideas but was indecisive when the time came to make selections. Emily spent several visits with us helping work through design ideas and making recommendations on how to achieve looks that I saw online. She has a great design eye and was creative to make my ideas come together. Emily was always patient with my indecisiveness and was very responsive to my emails with ideas and questions around our selections. She was quick with pictures of what you all have done before to ease my anxiety. She would even take pictures of grout colors next to tile and send it over when I needed to make a choice and couldn’t get down to the Home Center. She understood the look we wanted to go for and made great suggestions based on our taste.

Emily also respected that budget was important to us and was transparent with tile and light prices. This was very helpful because my husband and I were full of ideas that would have put us outside what we wanted to spend. We would have been frustrated to have designed a space and then gotten a surprise bill. I felt she understood what we were looking for and partnered with us to make it happen and we knew what to expect when ICG had the final selections.

She has also been accessible after the design process for me to ask follow up questions. I feel very confident about all of the aspects of the home that we partnered on. I am so excited to move into my new home and am so grateful for all of the support Emily provided. She is fantastic!!”

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