Details Galore: Mid to Late October 2015

jo and richard smith on steps of home

It’s October 9th and we are gathered at the house for a meeting with Ryan and the team. Discussions are focused on more details now. Door placement on the porch, where should the steps go down to the patio? We are double and triple checking the placement of outlets, switches, and can lights. The shingles are started and the electrical and plumbing inspections have been scheduled. We will be gone for several days on a vacation that was scheduled well before we signed our contract, and when we return we should see insulation and the exterior started.

We arrived back in town from vacation at around 7:30 pm on October 18th and decided to go out to the new house before we went home. I am dying to see the progress. We saw siding on the left side of the house as soon as we made the turn! With our flashlight we could see lots of pink insulation but very little else inside. The porch continues to take shape; the fireplace is framed in, and the door and stairs are too.

As we left the house, we saw another flashlight walking toward us. Then a voice in the dark identifies himself as an officer with the Rolesville police department! I responded “we are the Smiths and this is our house.” He was gracious and told us he routinely drives through our neighborhood. We chatted for a few minutes and were quite impressed. For the first time, I realized that we aren’t just moving to Carlton Pointe – we’re moving to Rolesville.

The next day, I was excited to learn that our house had officially been entered into the Triangle MLS system! It’s been referred to as “Lot 171” for months and today it became “411 Bendemeer Lane, Rolesville!” Be still my heart! I think it’s time to order new return address labels! After work, we went out to see it again. The walls are well insulated and very pink. The tubs are holding water and wires are just waiting for whatever gets attached to them. Siding is done on both sides and the back. And the porch… I think we’ve set a new standard for screened porches in Carlton Pointe. Tomorrow is the insulation inspection and then (drum roll, please) DRYWALL! I better start taking those paint samples seriously.

I’ve started obsessing about little things and trying hard to visualize it finished. Will the fan in the master bath be quiet? Will it be effective? Where will I put the toaster? Should I get a new toaster? Which jackets will I hang in the “drop zone” and which ones will go in the coat closet? Which side of the garage is best for my car? What day do they pick up trash? Which bedroom should be the guest room? How deep is the mantle on the fireplace? Where will my red retro kitchen stool sit? What does the doorbell sound like? We’ve never had surround sound and speakers all over the house – how does that work? Will someone show me? Can I control it with my phone? How will my Christmas tree look in the family room? And , the worst, what color to paint each room? I’ve moved from obsessing to agonizing – in a good kind of agonizing way.

When Ryan said they would start drywall on October 21st, he didn’t say it would all be up by the next day! I know there is a lot more to be done before it will be ready for paint, but it was such a surprise to see so much progress in two days. Now there really are walls to paint!

At our meeting on October 26th, our focus with Ryan and his team was on the details. Details galore. Closet design, pantry shelves, crown mouldings, chair rails, screen system for the porch, iron railings for the stairs. We have about a month to go. Fingers are crossed for a pre-Thanksgiving closing, but I’m not getting my hopes up until Ryan gives me a date.

The next day, I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. I have officially entered the “what have I forgotten” phase. It might be the scariest phase yet, and just in time for Halloween!

We wrote the check for all of the appliances today. It’s going to be a really nice kitchen! We resisted buying appliances from one brand. Although that presents a similar look , we went with a more “best in class” approach and have a Samsung gas range, KitchenAid convection microwave and wall ovens, a GE French door refrigerator with two icemakers, and a Bosch dishwasher. We have hours invested in these choices and since they are all stainless and black, they will look great together.

I’m calling the next phase of this process “picking and packing.” Picking paint colors is no longer just about Pinterest and Sherwin-Williams. It’s decision time. Paint needs to be ordered soon. The old adage “it’s only paint” is true, and yes, we could re-paint if we really don’t like it. But, we’ve come too far to move in unhappy with something. Did you know there are a million shades of gray? Not just 50!

Packing. Has. Not. Begun. Yet. There are broken down boxes and a tape gun ready for action. And, the best of intentions.